About Japan My Way

It's not the breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away

Our Japan Passion

We originally intended to set up this site to chronicle our numerous wonderful adventures in Japan. Each and every adventure of ours was special and unique, going beyond superficial tours, the standard fare, going beyond the norm. Thus, we wanted to share our experiences to as many people as we can.

However, we were soon inspired to do much more, providing invaluable information on the lesser known hidden gems of Japan, honest to goodness travel tips and advice, and best of all, actually bringing interested travellers to the many uniquely wonderful places that we have written about.


Chief softserve eater

Amanda’s fascination with Japan is endless. Always traveling to areas less frequented by tourists, she seeks out unique Japanese experiences and none of the tourist traps. Her ultimate target is to visit all 47 prefectures. Having been up to many different mountains throughout Japan, Amanda is avid hiker who is comfortable with all sorts of trails.

Interestingly, Amanda is an ice cream addict, especially to Haagen Dazs, which can be found in a great variety of flavours. She also enjoys the various flavours of Calbee potato chips, Pocky snacks and Calpris drinks.

Hoping to introduce less touristy places, Amanda writes on JapanTravel in her free time. She is always constantly thinking and planning her next trip to Japan.



Pro Concertgoer

June enjoys getting around in Japan without the use of GPS. She had plenty of “lost” experiences – Be it being lost between the residential estates in Japan, or deep into Japanese woods or even the massive maze of Shinjuku station. However, she tries to change this “lost” experience into an opportunity to step into places uncommonly explored by other tourists.

What’s more, June is a huge fan of Japanese music. Whenever she can find time and that miraculous pot of gold in her bank, you will see her displaying her ninja skills and pop into concerts in Japan. Do give a shoutout to her if you are interested to experience a Japanese concert!



Chief fisherman

Shen believes that the most meaningful experiences one gets is when one goes out of the way, beyond the usual tourist traps and mumbo jumbo, beyond one’s comfort zone and even getting lost. In daring to get lost and becoming unafraid of adventure, one grows.

Let’s go against the commercialisation and mass production of tourism.

Let’s make every trip truly special and memorable.

And let’s discover who we really are. =)